Thursday, January 10, 2013

Duplicate content in SEO

Duplicate content in SEO Currently the search engines and especially Google consider very carefully the duplicate content. The duplicate content between websites often gives much trouble to the authors, who retain or even to visitor of website.

The problem becomes more pressing as many sites had been beaten relegation on the search engines, simply because of duplicate content errors. To better understand the duplicate content we refer to several types of duplicate following:

Duplicate content : that is duplicate content between different URLs in a website or many website. For example:

Both two URLs on the same point on the home page of the website.

There are two types of duplicate content that you should pay attention. It's duplicate onpage and duplicate offpage.

1. Duplicate onpage:

1.1 Session ID:

1.2 Parameters attribute on the URL

1.3 Directory on URL

1.4 The tag on the URL

The two both URLs point to the same content. Tag on the URL is often used by a lot of webmasters, but if you do not mind switching to a single URL, duplicate error appears.

2. Duplicate offpage:

2.1 Duplicate due cited:

Most notably the newspapers, or the content or information is often quoted by other sites. This is good, but sometimes also cause a lot of troubles. The search engines do not get what is the original article, usually the search engine based on the trust of the page or the time index to determine the original content.

2.2 Duplicate intentionally spam:

Some competitors use tips which blinded search engines when a series of the same content on both pages have high trust and low trust.

You know that is not always the content on your web also index first, Google is sometimes mistaken for the content that you post is duplicate content with the content of the spam carried away.

That is, there are two types of duplicate content: duplicate onpage and duplicate offpage. When you recognize them the next step is you have to think how to convert the contents to a version only, makes it easy for search engines, it just helps you enhance the trust's website at the same time avoid unnecessary misunderstanding of the search engine for your website.

 Andy Devis


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